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AB 30mm 800T Legend Plate Blank
AB 30mm 800T Legend Plate Blank
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: LP-AB30-800T-BLANK
    Price: $40.00
    Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
    Select Size:
    (h) 1 53/64" x (w) 1 25/32" - X559
    (h) 2 7/16" x (w) 1 25/32" X559J - add $2.50
    (h) 2 19/64" x (w) 2 7/16" - X700 - add $5.00
    Select Plate Color:
    Black Cap / White Core
    White Cap / Black Core
    Red Cap / White Core
    Yellow Cap / Black Core
    Legend Plates using Allen-Bradley catalog dimensions. Manufactured from 1/16 inch thick, 2-ply plastic.

    Pricing per 50 plates.
    $5.00 discount for 100 plates calculated before shipment.

    We will center and size characters to fit, depending on the number of lines requested unless instructed otherwise in the "Additional Instructions" area of the product detail area. Using consecutive capital letters with the English and Script fonts is not recommended. The letters become difficult to read.

    When ordering multiple plates with the same format (case and style), it may be easier to enter the number of items in the quantity box and to include the text for all plates in the "Additional Instructions" area. Enter "Line1:" before the first line of text and "Line2:" (if the plate allows) before the second line of text. Repeat for all plates.

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                     fax: 410-529-1194